While digital and mobile technology may have been considered a luxury and purely recreational a decade ago, it has become a cornerstone of lives everywhere at an astounding rate. Not just for the younger generations who have the disposable income to afford it, its beneficiaries now span from kids to Boomers and up and down the socioeconomic ladder.

At the same time, its purpose in both developed and developing nations has been broadening, serving not just business and entertainment purposes, but also impacting education, healthcare, and social welfare. And finally, while the hubs of technology have largely rested in Silicon Valley, London, and Tel Aviv, advances in this space continue to bloom from more unexpected regions of the world that are finding new uses for technologies and developing solutions for their unique markets.


Expectations for whom technology serves and how it’s used are changing. How your brand leverages technology to interact with your consumers should be given more scrutiny than ever.

Rethink your audience and what segment your brand can potentially target. Take a second look at what purpose your tech offering or campaign is serving and what your consumer may expect of it. While technology is spreading its wings across the globe, where it is being used at home is also being broadened—seek to understand how location is affecting how your consumer is interacting with technology and how you might leverage location to build a stronger brand engagement.

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