Traditionally, the need to be green was seen at odds with a brand’s objectives. But being sustainable doesn’t have to compromise brand values or desirability; it IS a brand value and it must start with packaging, says Mark Ringer, Executive Creative Director, UK & Europe at Anthem.

A recent survey found that recyclable packaging is important to consumers, to the point that many would refuse to purchase products with packaging that can’t be recycled. Consumers have also voted bio-based materials as one of the most influential environmental trends shaping the future of beverage packaging.

Consumers seem to treasure brands that present their green values honestly over attractiveness or superficiality. In response to that, many brands are being increasingly innovative in their use of sustainable packaging and are adapting to changes in materials to keep the brand image at the core, Ringer notes.

After all, packaging is the first point of contact a consumer has with a product and the best packaging will embody the brand, communicating its brand identity and promise to the consumer.

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