Usually younger generations set new cultural tones that influence the generations that follow. But with more Millennials living at home and there being a larger age gap between them and their parents, our strategists note that this young generation also has an impact on older generations.

Today the Millennial way of life enlightening Boomers and helping them to redefine the next phase of their lives. We all know that Boomers are more vibrant than the seniors of yesteryear and are more active, more interested in second careers and more socially responsible then ever before. But the bigger surprise is the Millennial influence on Boomer choices and behaviors. From online dating and surfing the web for the best deals, to adventure travel and entrepreneurial ventures, Boomers are adopting a Millennial-esque lifestyle.


With about $3 trillion to spend in the U.S. alone, Boomers represent a growing economy as closely watched as China, India, Brazil, and Russia. Since this generation is more focused on living life to its fullest, marketers’ best short-cut is to look to Millennials and how they inspire Boomers to live differently.

For example, Boomers are following the Millennial lead and going mobile, with eMarketer predicting that the percentage of U.S. Boomers on the mobile web will surpass 50 percent this year, reaching 28.8 million. Marketers who adapt their mobile marketing accordingly will increase Boomer traffic and meet the growing demand. If you want to take advantage of the growth with both generations, invest in understanding Millennials and inspiring Boomers to come along.

For more examples of the Millennial influence on the Boomer generation, download the latest issue of SIGHTINGS – The Forecast Issue: The Age of Redefinition.