Unilever – Mods

Stunning Turnaround For Japanese Hair-Styling Icon

The half-life of fashion is short. And, fashion’s lifespan in Japan is even shorter. Mods, a premium salon brand that was once the epitome of cool, was on the brink of being delisted. Insights from “under-29 style-setters” reflected that Mods was out of touch with their generation of style seekers,and that they no longer even had an opinion on it.

Mods needed to re-establish relevance with the ever-changing trends of Japanese girls. ANTHEM’s “Style Your Imagination” design platform reflected the desired “sexy, edgy, cool, fun, and vivid personality.” The relaunch produced serious stopping power, a 20% increase in sales and relevance with young Japanese fashionistas—Mods is now expanding to other markets in the region.