Safeway Select

At the Intersection of Food and Art

The original Select system, designed by ANTHEM, was a groundbreaking success in private label. The Select brand was subsequently repositioned as a more premium offering as part of an effort to differentiate it from Safeway’s mid-tier brand, Safeway Kitchens. ANTHEM created the positioning of “Discovering Delight” and was charged with developing a flexible packaging system, designed to be less monolithic and highly relevant per category.

Having translated the approved positioning to a powerful design strategy, “Food as Art”, ANTHEM employs a variety of product visuals and typographic styles to help elevate perceptions of the brand and create food packaging that truly delights. The redesigned Select system reflects the premium qualities of each product with eye-catching aesthetics that vary across the brand’s many categories. Each design is unique, yet embodies the delightful essence of the brand in its own way.


Select Salad Dressing: 2013 Graphic Design USA Award

Select Gelatos: 2013 Graphic Design USA Award

Select Balsamic Vinegars: 2014 HOW Magazine International Packaging Design Award

Select Chocolates: 2014 Graphic Design USA Award, 2014 Vertex Bronze Award

Select Sparkling Sodas: 2014 Graphic Design USA Award, 2014 Vertex Silver Award